Labor Day Parade Douglasville GA 2016

July 4th Parade 2016 Douglasville GA

) On Saturday April 21 / 2012 we had our annual Confederate Memorial Day service at The douglasville City Cem.   We had  a great service, with Mr. Scott Gilbert  from Fayettville as our guess speaker.   Scott spoke on the Indians who fought for the south and he did a great job.   Miss Joyce Jones V.P. of the Douglasville UDC read 2 poems , both weer titled Confederate Memorial Day  . After she read them I was almost in tears they were so moving.    I had lots of commets about good commets about the service. .  We had the best turn out that I have seen.    We had more shooters than in the past and it went off with out a hitch. We started at 10 am and we were through by 12 noon.  The villa Rica camp came and helped with our service and next Saturday we will go and help them with there service.  We were  afread it would rain about the time we started, but we didn't have any rain sall day.   All in all a very good day. 

 My thanks to everyone involved.   Pam Daniel had refreshments after it was completed.


Van Wert service    10/29/2011

 On Saturday May 5th. we had our yard sale. We made a little money for our camp.  It could have been better, but it could have been worse.  My thanks to Ed , Will, John, and Gene. with them we could have not had the yard sale. Also thanke to all that donated items for the sale. My thanks to Charlie Jones for the use of his place of business to have the sale and I really want  to thank the wifes who allowed Ed, Will, John, and Gene to leave home for the day.

 Shooting the cannons, photo by Maria Wildman

  Shoot-a-rama Sat. 10/22/2011 at the Draper Plantation. this photo by Christy Draper



Firing the rifles (click on the image to enlarge)     images by Maria Wildman

2nd. Lt. Commandert Will Hendon and past Commander Ed Daniells after the labor day parade.


Commander Ray phillips after the labor day parade.

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